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Highlights from ‘Leveraging an Always On Network with Aruba Networking’ Event

On October 4th, at the Mandarin Oriental Doha, TS Qatar hosted an impactful event titled “Leveraging an always on network with Aruba Networking.” In collaboration with HPE Aruba. Showcasing the advantages of HPE Aruba, this gathering aimed to explore the practical benefits of seamless connectivity. The event’s core focus was to highlight how Aruba Networking facilitates uninterrupted and efficient networking solutions, emphasizing practical applications over technical jargon.

Event Highlights:

HPE Aruba Keynote by Wesam Alassaf:

Wesam Alassaf, the Country Manager of HPE Aruba Networking, kickstarted the event with an enlightening keynote. His presentation emphasized innovation and the essence of seamless connectivity, setting the stage for the day’s discussions by highlighting the practical applications of Aruba Networking solutions.

Introduction by Shafni Razik:

Shafni Razik, Head of Sales at TS Qatar, outlined a vision for a future where connectivity transcends limitations. His introduction painted a picture of a world where seamless networking paves the way for boundless possibilities, stressing the importance of embracing connectivity without boundaries.

Session by Ghassan Siyamak:

Ghassan Siyamak led an insightful session that delved into specific aspects of Aruba Networking solutions.

Kahoot Challenge:

The event injected a dose of fun and interaction with the Kahoot Challenge. Attendees participated in a networking knowledge quiz, fostering engagement and testing their understanding of networking concepts in a lively and entertaining manner.

Early Bird Rewards:

The event rewarded early attendees with exclusive benefits, underscoring the value of prompt engagement and participation. This initiative incentivized punctuality and proactive involvement, offering rewards as a token of appreciation for their timely presence.

Stay Connected:

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A heartfelt appreciation extends to the event organizers, HPE Aruba Networking and our team TS Qatar, for arranging an enlightening event that showcased the practical benefits of seamless connectivity. Special gratitude to Wesam Alassaf, Shafni Razik, Ghassan Siyamak and Mohammed Farhan for their insightful presentations that illuminated the pathways to innovation in networking solutions. Sincere thanks to the attendees for their active participation and enthusiasm, contributing to the event’s success. Additionally, appreciation goes to the sponsors and supporters whose contributions played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success.

Closing Thoughts:

As the curtains draw on the insightful event, the significance of seamless connectivity and innovation stands illuminated. The “Leveraging an always on network with Aruba Networking” event underscored the practical applications and real-world benefits of advanced networking solutions in today’s dynamic landscape.

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